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I am the founding editor-in-chief of CoinCentral, a top cryptocurrency and blockchain educational media site. Our articles have been cited in publications like Forbes, TechCrunch, Vice,  Yahoo Finance, The Guardian, Investopedia, The Motley Fool, The Street, Seeking Alpha, Trading View, ZeroHedge, The Verge, Venture Beat, The Next Web, CoinTelegraph, Bitcoin Magazine, Wikipedia, Behance, Tech in Asia, Futurism, CCN, and the sites of the FTC, Hubspot, Deloitte, Gartner, Intuit,  YCombinator, Brave, and more.

I have interviewed people like CNET Founder and Salesforce Co-founder Halsey Minor, blockchain billionaire and cryptocurrency entrepreneur Brock Pierce, Presidential Senior Economic Advisor Stephen Moore, Tron Founder and CEO Justin Sun, and many more. You can see more interviews and articles below.

The Director of Content for JUICE, an NYC-based marketing agency, where we work with clients like Buzzfeed, Kenneth Cole, Illesteva, Cabin, Moonpod, Draper University, Kauffman Fellows, and more.

Formerly, a Trends writer for The Hustle, where we track up-and-coming startups, new industries, and interesting ideas. I focus on emerging opportunities and to brainstorm tactical approaches for how entrepreneurs and investors can capitalize on them. I have also interviewed several 7-to-8-figure annual revenue DTC companies. The Hustle also runs an awesome daily newsletter that goes out to 1.5m entrepreneurs.

Interviews I’ve done:

Profiles and Guides

  1. Eccentric cybersecurity and blockchain pioneer John McAfee (shared by McAfee himself on Twitter): 
  2. Famed venture capitalist and Bitcoin evangelist Tim Draper (shared by Tim Draper himself  on Twitter): 
  3. How Blockchain Can Save Our Privacy Before It Disappears
  4. What is the Byzantine Generals Problem?
  5. Beginners Guide: What is Bitcoin?

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